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Because YOU Are Superwoman

How to Harness Your Superpower to Create a Positive Birth Experience with Minimal Medical Intervention

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These are not your typical birth stories.

These are the remarkable stories of modern day superheroes. A bunch of bad*ss super women, just like you. They are bold, educated, strong, and they decided to do things differently. Ultimately, they chose to make their belief in their body Plan A, while reserving the marvel of medical interventions for Plan B.

Over twenty birth stories, paired with six evidence-based steps for a Minimal Intervention (M.I.) Birth, will provide you with the confidence and skills you need to go after the birth experience that you desire. An empowering experience that likely strays far from everything you’ve been conditioned to believe about birth.

Stop simply hoping for a positive, minimal intervention birth. This book contains the specific birth plan for you, and it’s easier than you think.

My Mom is the Worst Book Cover

My Mom is the Worst

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My Mom is the Worst:  A Toddler’s Perspective on Parenting: 

Are you THE WORST Parent??!

Do you make your child wear underwear?  Or TAKE A BATH?!

You probably even hug them so tightly they can’t get away sometimes!

Your child is sure to find this tale of what parents DO TO THEIR KIDS extremely funny, as they will surely relate to the everyday situations.

Never fear, parents! This is a funny read for you, too.  
There is a fun “hidden message” highlighted within the text JUST FOR YOU.  

This loving and slightly sarcastic children’s tale will make your little ones feel heard, while giving you a good laugh.  The story is written from your child’s perspective of what it feels like to be “cared for” All. Day. Long.

What we do in love, children often perceive differently in their imaginations.


Who is right, the Mama or the Munchkin?

Get ‘My Mom is the WORST!’ now!

Great for a gift for a new mom, or for a friend who’s having a tough time with their toddler or preschooler.

But let’s be honest, if you’ve ever felt like PARENTING IS A THANKLESS JOB, this book is for YOU. 

And Guess what?!  Being young often feels just as DIFFICULT.

No matter how much you try to show your child you care, there are always days they just seem to think you are the worst.

HAVE SOME FUN TOGETHER.  Add this book to your child’s collection today! 


JK Coy

Love You to Pieces, Beautiful Monster

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Love You to Pieces, Beautiful Monster:  A Literal Tale for Parents and Their Monsters:  Who throws bigger tantrums, you or your monster?!

From the moment this beautiful monster wakes, an emotional day of ups and downs begins.

“Every day you make me crazy, I love you to pieces, Beautiful Monster.” 

‘Love You to Pieces, Beautiful Monster’ describes the emotional roller coaster ride that is lovingly referred to as: A Day in the Life of Parenting Young Children. From breakfast to bedtime, you’ll recognize all the emotions a parent and their sweet child go through in just one day.

All this beautiful monster wants is every ounce of their parents love and attention, ALL.DAY.LONG.  What could go wrong with that?

During a time when parents feel like they are in SURVIVAL MODE, this story is a sweet and funny reminder that you are not alone.

Little ones love the repetition and relatable illustrations from their everyday life, while parents gravitate toward the emotional truths of parenthood.

Through the humor, this message of love shines through – our babies make us crazy, yet we can’t help but love them to pieces.

Parents describe this book as the perfect baby shower gift. It also acts as a welcomed suprise, mailed to your spouse or friend that is navigating parenting and could surely use a laugh! But truthfully, the best way to gift it is to yourself and your little monster!

It is time to snuggle up and enjoy the perfect children’s book together.



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